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Do you know about Bruxism?

Bruxism is a problem affecting up to 30% of adults, consisting in clenching or grinding teeth during sleep. The most common symptoms include disturbed sleep, facial pain, headache, muscle tension and damage to teeth and dental restorations. About 50% of all dental implant failures occur in people affected by this problem.

The traditional treatment are dental splints designed to protect the teeth. However these splints do not reduce the grinding activity. Thus the pain symptoms and the mechanical load on the jaw and possible implants are still present.

Our product

Aesyra has created AesyBite, the first dental product that monitors and actively reduces bruxism.

Plot 1

Bruxism activity without biofeedback.

Plot 2

Bruxism activity with biofeedback.

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Board of Directors

Marco Letizia, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO
Pietro Maoddi, Ph.D.
Founder & CTO
Paolo Orsatti, Ph.D.
Board member

Advisory Board

Akiko Kasagi, EMBA
Marketing Advisor
Pierre Comte, Ph.D
Coach Innosuisse
Prof. Ivo Krejci, Ph.D.
Clinical advisor
Prof. Daniele Manfredini, Ph.D.
Clinical advisor
Prof. Carlotta Guiducci, Ph.D.
Scientific advisor

Latest news

Our team is growing!

We are happy to welcome Patrick, our new Product Design Engineer !

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Aesyra announces closing of first financing round

Aesyra has closed its first financing round with the VitaTech investment fund and welcomes Dr. Paolo Orsatti in its Board of Directors. With this capital increase Aesyra will accelerate the development of AesyBite, a novel dental product that monitors and actively reduces bruxism. For more details see the full press release.

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On the news

A news story about Aesyra was recently featured on AGEFI, a leading Swiss daily newspaper focusing on economy and finance. Don’t miss it!

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Aesyra selected for the MassChallenge Switzerland 2018 Accelerator

Aesyra is one of the high-impact startups selected to participate in MassChallenge Switzerland’s 2018 accelerator program! A great opportunity to meet investors, exchange ideas with other amazing projects and accelerate our venture!

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And the Start Summiteer of 2018 is… Aesyra !

Aesyra won the pitch battle of Start Summit 2018 in St. Gallen and was awarded the 25’000 CHF prize ! START Summit is Europe’s leading student-run conference for entrepreneurship and technology gathering more than 2000 participants with the aim of connecting relevant stakeholders. We thank the organizers for running this great event!  

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Meet us at the Swiss Startup Days

Aesyra is one of the 60 startups selected to pitch at the Swiss Startup Days ! Come meet us in Bern on October 24th and 25th !

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A welcome Kick !

The Aesyra team is among the winners of the first stage of Venture Kick, which supports the startup with a 10’000 CHF award as well as an hands-on stage at the kickers camps. Now they’re preparing for stage two!

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Aesyra supported by CTI

The Aesyra team has been officially accepted in the third phase of the CTI Start-up program, which provides professional coaching to new businesses!

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Aesyra gets Gebert Rüf Stiftung funding

Aesyra receives a 300’000 CHF funding from Gebert Rüf Stiftung, as part of its program to support entrepreneurial projects in science. We thank the foundation for the precious support!

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